Why FHE Health is a Strength Benefactor of the Hanley Foundation Dinner

How FHe is a Strength Benefactor of Hanley Foundation

FHE Health aims to provide an incredible level of service to those facing substance use disorders and mental health conditions of all types. To do this, we recognize the value and importance of education. That’s why FHE Health will be the premier treatment center sponsor of the Hanley Foundation’s Palm Beach Dinner. We’re proud to be a part of this incredible organization’s programs and efforts to help provide people with the care they need.

About the Hanley Foundation’s Dinner

The Hanley Foundation’s Palm Beach Dinner will take place on January 17, 2019 at the Sailfish Club Palm Beach. The event will include Hanley Foundation chairs Judy and Fritz Van der Grift along with honorary chairpersons Loy Anderson and Clark Appleby.

This will be an elegant, upscale evening that provides those who become a part of it with live entertainment and dinner. The benefits from the dinner will help to support the Hanley Foundation’s goals of helping to prevent children’s experimentation with alcohol and drugs. It will also help to educate parents as well as caregivers about the risks of substance use disorders. Designed to be an educational experience, attendees will gain insight into the important work this organization does. The Hanley Foundation works to provide those in need with access to quality addiction treatment, including through FHE Health.

About the Hanley Foundation

About the Hanley FoundationThere is no doubt that the work the Hanley Foundation does is incredibly valuable and important to the community as a whole. It continues to work to develop and implement strategies to help individuals, including youth, get the help they need for addiction problems. This organization has provided these services through the area for more than three decades and continues to be a leading and very valuable resource to programs like ours at FHE Health.

In 2018, for example, the Hanley Foundation helped to impact the lives of more than 18,000 students, along with area parents, caregivers, teachers and other members of the community throughout Florida, by providing prevention services. The organization has also become the largest provider of such prevention services in the state.

Founded by Jack and Mary Jane Hanley in the early 1980s, this program was built on the need for facilities to help educate and support individuals through substance use treatment. The work they do helps to provide advocacy as well as prevention and education to today’s youth in the hopes and goals of reducing the epidemic rise of drug abuse in our area.

FHE Health Is Proud to Support Their Cause

Much of the work we do at FHE Health is to help individuals to regain control over their lives after being exposed to drug and alcohol use. Many times, individuals are at their worst moments here. Our team works to help these individuals to recover through proper treatment and care. Yet we all know the value of prevention.

The work that FHE Health does can only be made better through the support that’s obtained from Hanley Foundation events like these. People who step up to provide ongoing support and care to those in need like this, including through high-quality prevention efforts, are very valuable to programs like ours.

FHE Health is proud to work with and support the Hanley Foundation and the good work it does in helping to educate individuals facing the risk of substance use. Through prevention programs like this, it may be possible for individuals to never have to use the services that we offer at our addiction treatment center.

Getting Help for Substance Use Disorder at FHE Health

For those struggling with substance use disorder, having a resource to turn to for fast and immediate care is critical. If you or someone you know is suffering from addiction, now is the time to get the level of care you need. Contact FHE Health today to learn more about the programs and resources we can offer to you.

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