florida drug rehab facilities

Florida drug rehab facilities are the best in the business. Florida has become the recovery capital of the world, housing hundreds of drug rehab facilities in Southern Florida alone. Many Florida drug rehab facilities are now offering different treatment programs and options to their clients. Finding one to suit your needs or the needs of the loved one may be easier than you think.

There are many different types of programs offered at Florida drug rehab facilities. Drug rehab facilities may offer some or all phases of care including medical detox, inpatient treatment, outpatient treatment, sober living and aftercare. Effective drug rehab facilities should offer all phases of treatment to be sure to deal with addition and the issues surrounding addiction on all levels. A sign of a good Florida drug rehab facility will be one that provides a continuum of care covering multiple phases of recovery.

There are many specialized programs that clients can choose from when deciding which Florida drug rehab facility to attend.  Specialized programs can include dual diagnosis, gender specific programs, family programs and holistic approaches to recovery. Dual diagnosis treats both addiction and the co-occurring disorder that the client is suffering from. Co-occurring mental health disorders can include anxiety, depression, a personality disorder, an eating disorder and more. When a co-occurring disorder goes untreated, the risk of relapse is greatly increased. For those who are struggling with a co-existing mental health disorder, drug rehab facilities in Florida that offer dual diagnosis treatment provides them with the best chance for lifelong recovery.

Florida drug rehab facilities can offer programs that last for different lengths of time. Some programs may last 28-days, while others may last 90 or more. 28-day programs, although popular in the past, have been proven less and less effective for long-term recovery. Because clients make progress in recovery at different speeds, it is important to choose a Florida drug rehab facility that offers longer stays to clients who need it.

Another important factor to research when choosing a Florida drug rehab facility is the staff. The experience and knowledge of the staff at the Florida drug rehab facility you choose will have a direct impact on your success.  An experienced, professional, and caring staff can make a world of difference during treatment at a Florida drug rehab facility. Choosing a Florida drug rehab facility with a reputation for success and a caring, supportive atmosphere is important.

At the Florida House Experience we offer clients a continuum of care ranging from medically monitored detox to sober living and aftercare. Our state of the art detox facility is located on campus to make the transition to inpatient rehab a smooth and easy one. We offer dual diagnosis, gender specific treatment and a great family outreach program. Our new Wellness Center provides clients with the opportunity to incorporate holistic approaches to recovery into their daily lives, including chiropractic care, acupuncture, yoga, massage and a new fitness facility. Deciding which Florida drug rehab facility to attend is a big decision. We encourage all clients to do as much research as possible to ensure their time at a Florida drug rehab facility is a success. If you or a loved is considering going to a Florida drug rehab facility, please contact us for more information on Florida drug rehab facilities.

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