Fear by Peter Marinelli

Fear by Peter Marinelli

Fear fuels fear and manifests outwards, permeating every area of our lives
Whenever we have fear about something, this fear becomes a great power (not The Power) and reality is lost. The reality being, that there is only one Power, and that Power – a loving God.
Mind dominance insists on interpreting the world for us, and never through God. There is no such thing in the world of the mind, as love, peace, serenity and comfort. There is only struggle, disease, discomfort, threats, warnings and the like. As soon as I allow myself to be taken by the mind, my loss of reality has occurred, because I now live in the world of the mind. Furthermore when this occurs two powers are now in play. One being, the subject which my mind has given power to (we usually believe that this is going to win and it is something that I’m fearful over) and the other may be God. The trouble her is that God just might lose so self –reliance attempts to control the situation only making it worse. The truth be said, those who live a spiritual life and practice meditation are experiencing reality while others are in delusion, albeit they won’t believe this, because their mind will not allow it.
Working with strict spiritual disciplines, we not only find a tremendous amount of freedom, but it allows us the ability to be disengaged from the mind that is always churning out new material for us to purchase. In the past, many of us were lifetime subscribers to the new issue of the minds magazine and road the waves of its fear and drama. Moreover did we not do that in our personal lives, and had become so accustomed to it we were no longer aware of our condition. For example how many hours did we spend glued to the internet, the news, TV, and gossip, riding the emotional rollercoaster that these venues have created. One hour of news and we became be riddled with doubt, anger, doom and gloom.
Are we still doing this?
Now who is not in reality? We hear folks who are not on a spiritual path claim that those who are have removed themselves from reality, when in fact those who are on a spiritual path are very much in touch with reality. A reality the mind cannot nor will not comprehend.
Let those of us who are claiming to live along the lines of God consciousness have compassion love and patience for those who are not. As the “Carpenter” said “forgive them for they know not what they do”.
Fear is just a manifestation of self, and is not God greater than self?

Chop wood, carry water
Peter Marinelli

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