Connected-ness by Peter Marinelli

Connected-ness by Peter Marinelli

We intellectualize and conceptualize ideas and information.
Without action to internalize it, it just becomes more information without ever behavior changing, without thinking changing without attitudes changing and without life changing.
So we seek experience rather than just belief or faith.
The only limits to our progress are our own beliefs systems usually based in fear and contempt prior to investigation.
These beliefs separate us from our experience with a loving God and insist on keeping us separated from each other as well. The realization that comes to us through spiritual practices is that God cannot be left out of His own universe.
It’s all connected, as we are all connected. The mind will convince me that we are separate from each other and all of Gods creations and leave us with a feeling of separateness rather than connectedness – twoness instead on oneness.
There is no duality in Gods world even though the world appears to be a dualistic universe. Black, white, up, down, short, tall ect.
Yet even in the obvious differences there exists and thread that keeps it all as one. That thread is God our loving Creator and nothing less than that. The experience of being connected allows us to life of daily acceptance to what is rather than a life of daily resistance.
When we do not or will not accept, we are placed into a position of disease and discomfort throughout our life’s journey, and the focus and energy is on those areas rather than looking to create, embrace and even change.
If a situation is harmful, or pain is being experienced, rather than resisting what is, (which sounds like “why me”, “I can’t believe this”, “it always happens to me”) I accept. Than with God I can deal with what is in front of me. Once the connection to God is realized we can then move forward with our journey, making healthy God inspired decisions. Sometimes Gods decision for us is to be completely still and the action we take is one of no action.
The Truth is true until we find out it longer isn’t.
Chop wood, carry water
Peter Marinelli

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