A Thank You To All Dads on Father’s Day

FHE Health would like to offer our love and appreciation to all Dads on this Father’s Day! Enjoy this excerpt from Peter Marinelli, our Director of Sober Residences that highlights some of the amazing things that Dads are capable of doing. We thank all of you Dads for everything that you do!

Thank you for all the support you have given us. Thank you for showing us how to be men. Thank you for staying with us in what sometimes had to feel like a thankless job. Thank you for the courage you have showed us when we lacked courage. Thank you for the integrity you have and showed us and how to walk with it. Thank you for showing us how to live this life with respect and dignity. Thank you for showing us how to overcome the obstacles life can throw at us and for all the life lessons you have taught.

Dads: Truly A Blessing Not Only on Father’s Day, But For a Lifetime and Beyond

Thank you to all the dads out there on Father’s Day. You, for so many of us, were, and still are our heroes.

You showed your sons how to be men and protected your daughters. You were so often the leaders of the home and the one we could always rely upon.

Let us, as we get on in our life, be able to take care of you, in any way possible. To give to you all the unconditional love you gave us, simply because we are your sons and daughters.

Thank you to dads’all over the world for perhaps the most difficult job in the world. Yet you did it with grace, gratitude and dignity.

Thank you, thank you, and thank you!


Chop wood, carry water

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