A Financial Breakdown of Addiction Treatment: Is It Actually Costly?

A Financial Breakdown of Addiction Treatment: Is It Actually Costly?

Vice, known for their honest and at times jarring coverage of the American opioid epidemic recently published a fascinating look at the cost comparison between drug addiction and addiction treatment. The article documents a number of addicts, each with different background stories and habits. One such person, a former exotic dancer known as Jennifer, made and spent up to 3,700 a week on her cocaine habit.

Jennifer approximates that she spent between 450-1200 a day on cocaine. She eventually became a pick-pocket, a prostitute and began selling drugs herself to support her drug-dependent lifestyle.

“The effort I put into spending money on drugs, it’s not even calculable,” Jennifer, now 47, told VICE. “It’s an extraordinary amount. I would be a millionaire,” she lamented. 

Much like many other chronic drug abusers, the cost of drug addiction is largely incalculable. “According to a 2002 study by the Canadian Center for Substance Abuse, the “societal cost” of substance abuse, in terms of health care and the criminal justice system, is about $30 billion USD,” Vice reports.

A drug habit of $200-400 per day can quickly add up to $36,000 over a few months. $36,000 every three months turns into $144,000 annually. An individual could literally spend three full salaries on lethal drugs just to escape reality.

The article estimates crack usage can range upwards of $80,000 annually. Opioid or Heroin can top $130,000+ annually, depending on the opioid type and quantity used.

For an individual spending $100,000 a year on drugs, treatment is financially equivalent to a drop in the bucket.

The truth about drug addiction is that a person can waste as much money as they have access to, depending on how much of a tolerance they have built up. When you consider the facts, it becomes very clear that the cost is life-saving treatment is reasonable, particularly when considering the fact that a person’s life is on the line.

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While other treatment centers diagnose based only the description of symptoms, we rely on state-of-the-art therapy tools. Neurorehabilitative feedback, which dates back over 50 years, is now being used to identify and correct imablances within the brain. The use of this innovative yet affordable treatment method to help clients re-train their brains to function as well as, or better than the way they were before addiction.

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