4 Things You’ll Learn Rehab in Florida

You Are Not On Vacation

drug rehabRehab in Florida is not a vacation. Let’s just cut to the chase here, you are not going to rehab in Florida to be on vacation. Sure the beach isn’t too far away from most South Florida rehabs and it’s going to feel like that Sun is sitting on your back but you are not on vacation. You are going to rehab in Florida to detox from the drug of your choice, become stable, learn how to deal with your addiction, rehabilitate and reintegrate yourself back into society when you leave.

You Are Not The Only One With An Addiction

Rehab in Florida is full of addicts who think that they’re the only ones suffering from addiction. Addicts have very large egos because the nature of addiction is to chase the high no matter the cost. Excuses are a dime a dozen when you’re addicted and nothing is your fault. Your addiction is not your fault, it’s everyone else’s fault but your own. It’s often said that addicts are narcissist and do not care about anyone but themselves. Putting your addiction above everything and everyone will ultimately leave you alone. You will not be only one recovering from a serious addiction in a rehab in Florida.

You Cannot Continue To Lash Out On Others

Some people going to rehab in Florida are extremely aggressive when they are high or when they’re craving their drug of choice. Aggressive behaviors in addicts have also been linked to those addicts who’ve been through some kind of trauma like PTSD. Living in rehab in Florida teaches you how to express yourself in a healthy way and how to cope with your cravings and addiction in a healthy way. You will not go far in life if you continue to lash out every time you have a bad day or are feeling uncomfortable. In rehab you will learn how to cope through the good days and the bad days.

You Have To Take Care of Yourself

In active addiction you had many people enabling your addiction one way or another. Perhaps you had your parents giving you money, shelter, food and love for free. Maybe you didn’t have any responsibilities or didn’t even have to make your own bed.  While you’re living in rehab in Florida you will not be enabled by anyone and it’s up to you to make sure you take a shower, feed yourself, make your bed, keep your space clean and do the work to stay sober and clean. Rehab in Florida will teach you one way or another how to take care of yourself.

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