There’s Hope for Women in Recovery: Women’s Sober Living Programs

Sober Living Womens DirectorThe hope comes from transitional living facilities that cater to women. Most sober living programs follow the 12-step approach for recovering addicts. Women who are working and have dedicated themselves to living rewarding lives that are free from alcohol and drug addiction can get their lives back. Sober living programs do not have a limited stay as the women leave the facility when they are ready to return to their home communities. This flexibility has ensured that the chances of success are higher. The post-treatment therapy provided during the women’s sober living program helps to equip the individual to maintain sobriety.

Benefits of the Women’s Sober Living Programs

So why attend a residential addiction facility that has women only? Gender-specific alcohol and drug residential programs have a number of advantages.

Inhibitions are removed. There are inhibitions that accompany a mixed-group kind of setting and when it’s a women’s sober living program then such inhibitions are eliminated. The women interact without the restrictions that arise from different political or sexual biases.

The issues are completely explored. The issues, as well as problems that plague women and their addiction, are explored more completely and comprehensively. What fuels alcohol and drug addiction will be looked at in a unique perspective and the women work together to understand these shared problems.

During the women’s sober living programs, friends and family are encouraged to participate to provide a full recovery that includes those that are important to the patient’s life.

Rediscover Yourself

Women need the nurturing, loving and above all safe environment that women’s sober living programs provide. These programs provide the bridge between rehab and the reality of real life that they have to re-enter. Individuals should have an opportunity to rediscover themselves during this period. The community-type of living, coupled with the 12-step approach used, encourage the principles of accountability, responsibility, and community. The women sober living programs help to teach, not only life skills, but enhance that sense of community that will help them find the support that is needed during the road to recovery. The structured community helps to give some stability for recovering addicts.

If you or a loved lady in your family is going through rehab, then consider women sober living programs to get back to being the woman you were created to be; beautiful and with purpose!

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