Recovery Costs Less Than Addiction

A frequent roadblock many people fear in the way to their recovery is money. They’ve made up their mind to recover, but they worry they can’t afford it. How much rehabilitation costs can vary wildly depending on who is helping you. Thankfully there are a lot of options available to help you find options that match your budget.

What Addictions Really Cost

Addictions can destroy lives. They can cost jobs and they can ruin relationships. They can devastate our teeth, bodies, and minds. The list of complications grows even larger when we think about crashed cars, legal fees, unpaid bills, etc. It’s no coincidence that many people who have addictions also have trouble paying for the medical help necessary to recover.

If left untreated, many addictions will only continue to cause further problems, multiplying the cost exponentially over time. If you have an addiction, please treat it earlier than later to save pain and cost for both you and your loved ones.

Finding Help

How you can afford help will depend largely on your situation, but please realize: there are options. Realizing you can’t do this by yourself is one of the most important steps in your recovery. Professionals who are experienced with the resources for the cost of drug detox in Florida can alert you to organizations and options you never knew were available.

If you have insurance, since the Affordable Care Act passed, assistance with drug detox and rehabilitation has been a mandatory part of insurance programs (read more here: If you don’t have access to private insurance, you might be able to qualify for Medicare or Medicaid. If none of these options work, some programs have sliding scale fees or payment assistance options.


There is help available, so please do not let your fears of not being able to fund it get in the way of you and your recovery. Learn about these options today by calling us at (844) 299-0618.

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