Enjoy the Benefits of Personalized Addiction Treatment at Our Broward Drug Treatment Center

At FHE Health, you’ll receive the best in personalized drug treatment, because here at our Broward drug treatment center, we understand that drug treatment must be personalized to be effective. A one-size-fits-all approach to drug treatment simply doesn’t work. When you check into our Broward drug treatment center, our treatment specialists will begin working with you right away to form a treatment plan that addresses your unique needs.

The Roots of Addiction Are Different for Everyone

At FHE Health, we understand that the path that leads to addiction is different for each person who walks it. The factors that contribute to addiction can include genetics and upbringing, cultural influences, childhood trauma and poor coping skills. Some difficult events in adulthood, like divorce, the death of a loved one or the loss of a job can put people in need of our Broward drug treatment center, even if they’ve never had drug problems before.

Most, if not all, of the people who find themselves in our Broward drug treatment center are there because they’ve fallen into the habit of using drugs and alcohol to cope with some form of emotional pain. It’s important that we pinpoint the exact source of that pain and work to heal the wound, so that you can leave our Broward drug treatment center ready to start a new, drug-free life.

Mental Illness Can Exacerbate Addiction

Mental illness is a complicating factor for some of the people who come to our Broward drug treatment center. Mental illness does not cause addiction, exactly, nor does addiction cause mental illness; but heavy substance abuse can increase your risk of mental illness and mental illness can increase the likelihood that you’ll turn to drugs to cope with the symptoms. In our Broward drug treatment center, you’ll receive psychiatric care to treat your mental illness symptoms. When you begin to experience relief from your mental illness symptoms, you’ll find it easier to resist the temptation to use drugs.

Circumstances in All Areas of Your Life Can Contribute to Your Drug Use

Your stay in our Broward drug treatment center cannot be a success unless your treatment plan takes into account all of the factors contributing to your addiction. Throughout your stay in our Broward drug treatment center, our specialists will work to address the deficiencies in all areas of your life. Social, cultural, legal, occupational and psychological factors can come together to create a need for our Broward drug treatment center. Your individualized treatment program in our Broward drug treatment center will take into account factors related to your age, gender, culture and ethnicity.

Comfort and Alternative Therapies at Our Broward Drug Treatment Center

Alternative therapies like yoga, meditation and acupuncture have been found to be enormously beneficial for addiction treatment. These therapies are especially useful to help you get in touch with your feelings again; therapies like massage and acupuncture can help you begin to heal even if you’re still struggling with traditional talk therapies. That’s why we strive to offer all the latest in proven alternative therapies in our Broward drug treatment center.

Not only is there no reason you shouldn’t be comfortable during addiction treatment, going through treatment in a comfortable environment is actually beneficial. Creature comforts can help you learn to appreciate life and enjoy yourself again, which is crucial to the success of any addiction treatment program. That’s why our Broward drug treatment center takes pains to make sure you’re comfortable during your stay here.

At our Broward drug treatment center, you’ll enjoy comfortable accommodations including a fitness center and swimming pool. You’ll have access to plenty of nutritious food, snacks and entertainment on TV.

If you’re caught in the trap of drug addiction, you can regain control. Call FHE Health at 844-299-0618 to learn more about how you can benefit from our state-of-the-art drug addiction treatment facility.

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