What is the Working in Recovery program at FHE?

FHE Health, Working in Recovery Program is designed for those whom addiction or mental health issues have created significant impairments in their functioning and has led to consequences necessitating treatment. These clients have demonstrated an ability to progress in life in certain areas (family, work, self-supporting) but these gains are impacted by poor choices, lack of self-care, and self-defeating behaviors that lead them to recognize that they need treatment to get back on track. The program is designed to educate, help you to gain insight into your self-defeating behaviors and learn to develop new coping skills, social supports, and to make healthy choices consistently and appropriately.

Who is the program intended for?

The Program is intended for those who have progressed in certain life areas but, as a result of their behavioral health conditions, are having difficulty maintaining healthy coping mechanisms and therefore difficulty managing their lives. Our clients in the program have jobs, families, businesses, or are loved ones of those who do of which substance use and mental health has had a significant impact on their lives.

What can I expect at the Working in Recovery program?

We have licensed and Ph.D. clinicians and psychologists to support you in your recovery process. We have case managers that follow you from admission to discharge to assist you in various life areas.

Working in Recovery Program Features:

The unique feature of the Working in Recovery program is the peer-support model of care. In this program, you will be with the same cohort throughout your stay that has a similar situation to your own. By being around those that have the same struggles, you can develop and strong support system to assist you throughout your recovery process.

Integrated Services:

The Working in Recovery Program has its own curriculum specifically designed to complement all offerings of FHE Health. In addition, we also offer robust Case Management, Holistic Services, Family Therapy, Group and Individual Therapy, state of the art Neurorehabilitation Program, Behavioral Health, and Aftercare and Sober Living. FHE Health understands that addiction is complex and that there is no single treatment that will work for everyone. We utilize a multidimensional, Collaborative Care model to ensure that our clients receive the quality of care that most benefits. Other care components include Medicine and Psychiatry.

Family Program

The Working in Recovery Program will facilitate family involvement weekly when requested by clients. The Program encourages clients to incorporate family support in their treatment offerings. Family goals are to further learn about the family dynamics, history of client’s substance use, behavioral health, spirituality, how addiction, and behavioral/mental health impacts the family, exploration of family’s history, their family origin concerns with the objective of identifying how this may affect current family dynamics and the client. Based upon this assessment, a family treatment plan will be developed. Issues which may include, but not limited to, communication issues; attempting to establish open and honest communication; explore barriers to ineffective communication, addressing enabling behaviors, learn how to set limits, establish healthy boundaries, trust issues and how this affects the relationships, psychoeducation on addiction and support, how the brain is involved in substance use and behavioral health problems, how neuro-biofeedback can be beneficial, discussion of the role of the family from a spiritual perspective, proving a safe place to allow family members to express their feelings to each other in healthy ways and exploring codependency issues. FHE Health also offers a three-day family workshop with a Licensed Family Therapist.

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