Why Choose Us at The Florida House Experience?

A Unique Approach to Addiction and Mental Health Recovery

Above all else, The Florida House Experience’s complete vision is to provide help to any person and family that struggles with alcohol, drugs, and mental health issues get better through medical, psychological, and clinical treatment approaches. If you or a loved one has been struggling with drug or alcohol addiction in South Florida, The Florida House Experience can help. With patience, resilience, and determination addiction treatment is effective in healing those affected by alcohol and drug addiction. We believe that support and education are key factors to the outcome of success in addiction treatment, so we work tirelessly to provide our patients with the skills they will need post treatment to rid their lives of the grip of addiction. If you are ready to take on the battle of overcoming addiction, The Florida House Experience wants to be in your corner.

why choose The Florida House for drug and alcohol detox and treatment

Medical Component: Upon arrival at our facility, each patient is medically evaluated by our staff of highly trained addiction specialist doctors and nurses to determine if there are any medical issues that we should attend to. Often times there are medical factors that affect a patient’s addiction that can be treated by our medical staff.

Psychiatric Component: After the medical evaluation, our psychiatric specialists also evaluate patients to determine if there are psychological factors that are affecting addiction. Chemical imbalances can play a part in how people perceive themselves and others, so it is imperative to recognize and treat those before treatment commences.

Neurological Component: After the medical and psychiatric teams have completed their assessments, our team of Neuroscientists and Psychologists evaluate, quantitatively, exactly where addiction has affected your brain. From there, the neuro-rehabilitation team tailors specific protocols to target and treat these brain areas.

Clinical Component: The team of licensed and master level therapists at The Florida House Experience get with each patient to discover underlying issues that may be contributing to addiction. This is where patients learn to identify harmful behaviors and develop skills and techniques to change behaviors that affect life negatively outside of treatment. The clinical component focuses on motivating the patient, facilitating expression through a variety of different modalities, and restructuring cognitive thought processes.

Family Component: Research has shown that Families play a pivotal role in overcoming addiction. At the Florida House Experience, we boast a strong family program that includes a personal Family Therapist who is working with family members at least weekly. This begins in the inpatient setting and continues through the outpatient setting and even after discharge. FHE also provides a monthly 3-day Family Workshop for families to come for more intensive treatment with their loved one(s). Our Family involvement does not stop there, as we offer support groups and therapy sessions for families even after the patient has discharged.

Aftercare/Sober Living: We understand that support is a huge part of the success that may come from addiction recovery. Without support, those in addiction recovery would not have the motivation needed to continue their journey of maintaining sobriety. After treatment, you don’t have to rush back into daily life. Sober living environments at The Florida House Experience provide a safe, controlled, and supportive environment after treatment ends so that you can continue to work on treatment goals while gradually implementing areas of daily life like school, work, or community outreach projects. Additionally, our alumni services are some of the best in the country, providing all of our treatment graduates a safe place to come and share their success stories, along with getting medical, psychiatric, and clinical help post-treatment. We love to stay in touch with our alumni and find different ways to get together to promote the family environment we have created here at The Florida House Experience.

Holistic Component: Because addiction is different for each person affected, treatment must be different for each person individually. Treatment methods that are helpful for some may not be necessary for others. The holistic component of treatment at The Florida House Experience provides alternative, non-medical, and natural methods to treating addiction. Holistic treatment methods include neurofeedback therapy, meditation, yoga, physical fitness, and nutrition education. Being exposed to multiple areas and components of treatment will allow each individual to discover what really works for them in addiction recovery.

Our Treatment is Individualized and Specific

We do not aim to only rid addiction from lives. We aim to treat an entire person! We understand that there are more factors than just drug or alcohol use when it comes to addiction. Also, addiction doesn’t affect everyone the same, so treatment won’t affect everyone the same. This is why we come up with a specific and individualized plan for each person seeking drug or alcohol abuse treatment. Additionally, along with the clinical component of addiction treatment, we also provide psychiatric and medical components not seen elsewhere. All areas of life are affected by addiction, so all areas of life should be addressed during treatment.

We Make Family Part of the Picture

We understand that addiction is not just a disease that affects the person struggling with addiction, but it is something that affects every loved one of that person. To be truly successful in drug or alcohol addiction recovery, all important areas of life must be focused on and reformed. In our family therapy sessions, we work to educate the family about addiction so that they can form empathy and compassion for their loved one in recovery. Additionally, they will learn specific techniques and tools like what to do in case of a relapse and how to communicate with their loved one who is in recovery. Along with education, families and those that are struggling with addiction get to open up about their feelings towards each other so that past difference can be confronted and moved on from. The Family component does not end after treatment, as The Florida House Experience offers families therapeutic and outreach services even after treatment. We understand the importance of family and incorporate it into treatment as much as possible.

why choose us at Florida House

We are Experienced

Our staff of over 40 doctors, psychologists, and nurses have been working since 2001 to provide the best in addiction treatment care. Our staff is devoted to the specific task of helping those that are struggling with addiction be able to walk out our doors confident in their recovery journey. Over our history, The Florida House Experience has been awarded many honors for our dedication to those wishing to rid their lives of their addiction.

We Provide Hope to Our Patients

We know more than anyone that treatment is effective in curing addiction. We wish to implement the hope of recovery to all of the patients that enroll in our programs. In every aspect of our treatment, we encourage our patients to be hopeful of their long-term recovery because it is possible! With hope, anything is possible.

We Care About You

Because of our dedication to the addiction industry, we put a lot of time into helping our patients. In fact, FHE has been named one of Florida’s Top Workplaces two years running. We believe that the well-being and happiness of our staff directly contribute to your experience here, and we want to provide staff that is passionate and dedicated to your cause. Our time and experience have made us passionate about what we do, and we wish to transfer that passion onto each of our patients that are seeking well-being through our treatment services. We do not just help you to get better, we care that you get better. We understand the hardships that come with addiction and wish to provide compassion, empathy, and understanding to all of the individuals who need our help. Our commitment to our patients and their recovery is hard to find elsewhere.

We are a Family

We take pride in the fact that our alumni services are the best offered in the nation. Services that are provided for individuals in treatment are additionally offered to them as alumni of the program. This includes medical evaluations, medication management, psychiatric services, resources, and career building services. Additionally, there is a weekly meeting held for all alumni that are open for graduates of The Florida House Experience treatment program that have remained sober anywhere from 1 month to 15 years. Family outings and community services projects are projects that our alumni staff puts together each quarter to keep the family atmosphere alive and well. Once you decide to enroll in treatment with us, you will forever be a part of our family, even if you are located across the nation!


History of The Florida House Experience

Florida House was founded and developed as a halfway house located in Deerfield Beach, Florida
Sunlight Recovery granted license by the State of Florida Department of Children and Family Services.
Sunlight Recovery awarded accreditation by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities.
Florida House Experience granted license by the Department of Children and Family Services.

Florida House Experience awarded Accreditation by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities.

The Florida House opened the Men’s Sober Skills Program.

Florida House Experience opened the Holistic Addiction Center.
The Florida House Experience opened the Women’s Sober Living Program.
Detox Center lead by our group of Medical and Nursing Directors opened.
The Florida House Experience awarded Sun Sentinal Top Place to Work for
Florida House recognized as Top 15 Workplace in the South Florida.
Dr. A. Howeedy, MD. MRO. recognized as new Chief Marketing Officer.Medical/Neurological Component