WV Nurse Treats Daughter in ER for Overdose

Mother Daughter

Daughter is thankful to celebrate her 21st birthday

West Virginia has been ravaged by the current opioid epidemic, and Hope Steele was just minutes away from being another sad statistic.

When Steele overdosed on heroin for the first time in October of last year, she said emergency paramedics told her that if they had arrived just minutes later, she would have been dead.

Fortunately, they revived her with Narcan and took her to the Martinsburg emergency center where it happens that her mother works as a nurse.

Because of patient confidentiality concerns, Steele’s mother, Cheryl Festerman, said she was initially asked to wait just outside of her daughter’s door.

“Being a nurse just went out the door. I was just her mother then,” Festerman told ABC News.

“I heard my mom screaming for me. Just hearing her voice like that, I’ve never heard her like that,” said Steele.

Steele said she discovered in that moment how much her mother cared for her.

“She does love me. She is there for me. She right behind me, all the time. I feel like she’s never going to let go,” said Steele.

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To read more about how Hope Steele and her mother are moving forward, please visit ABC News.

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