WV Couple Lucky To Survive Overdose

West Virginia Couple

Infant in backseat while parents OD in front of car

It’s a scene that has become all too common in the past few years – parents overdosed in the car with young children in the back.

As reported by WSAZ, a man and woman were found unresponsive and unconscious in the front seats of a car in Huntington West Virginia Saturday night. A 5-week-old baby was sitting in the back alone.

Putnam County EMS said Taylor Coburn and Trent Coburn were in that car. Narcan was administered to revive the couple.

EMS said they found the car in neutral with the keys in the ignition and was running. The car was located on 5th Avenue in Huntington.

Taylor Coburn faces a felony charge of child neglect. Trent Coburn, the suspected driver, is charged with felony child neglect and misdemeanor DUI.

Both were taken to Western Regional Jail where Taylor Coburn is being held on a $50,000 cash only bond and Trent Coburn on a $55,000 cash only bond.

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