Women Vulnerable to Drug & Alcohol Addiction

It’s a well known fact that so many people who struggle with addiction to alcohol and  drugs do so because of a trauma they experienced, they are hurting and need some form of relief. Drugs and alcohol can become someone’s place of relief when they don’t have healthy coping mechanisms in place. This is the place so very many women are in as they grown into adulthood after a childhood of sexual abuse.


A Startling Statistic

One in four women have been sexually abused in their lives, and those are just the girls who have the support structure necessary and the hard fought courage to report the abuse. It is worth noting that there are also a substantial number of men who experience sexual abuse in their lifetime. But that’s a different article all together.

Sexual abuse causes feelings of inadequacy, worthlessness, deep shame, and loneliness. If the abuse began when the woman was quite young, she may have developed coping skills that include disassociation, obsessive compulsive disorder, attachment disorder, etc. In fact, early abuse of any kind can alter a human’s brain development.

All of this almost inevitably results in a person who is plagued by shame, anxiety, depression, PTSD, etc. Sometimes they have flashbacks and nightmares, or insomnia. They may end up with an eating disorder or engage in self harm. And one of the most common symptoms of this kind of trauma is addiction to alcohol and drugs.


Are you one of these women who were sexually abused be it in childhood or adulthood? Do you struggle with alcohol abuse or alcohol addiction? Have you developed an addiction to prescription drugs or an opioid addiction? There’s safety and healing out there for you. Get in touch with your doctor and find the best rehab center for you. A medically supervised alcohol detox center can help you break free from addiction and start on a true and sober track to healing.

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