Why You Shouldn’t Focus on Making Amends While At Florida Drug Detox

What is Making Amends?

opiate detoxFlorida drug detox is a place to go to receive treatment for detoxing from drugs. The client should focus on getting well and put their minds at ease but many times we see clients focusing on making amends to those they’ve hurt and apologizing and making promises to others they might not be able to keep. The literal definition of amends means to make compensation for a loss or injury. In the addiction and recovery world making amends is an important part of recovery. Making amends may take you a very long time to achieve and in some cases you cannot reach out and make amends to persons because it would cause them extensive pain, it would be illegal to or to make amends might cause you to relapse. Amends are not just apologies, if you lied under oath, amends would be to admit to that and suffer the consequences. Or if you stole money from someone, to admit it and give that money back. Making amends is serious business and it means putting those you hurt or caused loss to ahead of yourself. Do not focus on amends while detoxing at Florida drug detox it can be a huge detriment to your recovery.

Your Goal At Florida Drug Detox Is To Detox and Nothing Else

Addicts can get carried away with the need to stop using drugs, go through Florida drug detox, rehab, be sober and get their life back on track in a matter of 30 days. That is unrealistic. The truth is that Florida drug detox and rehab are very important and yes 7- 10 days of Florida Drug Detox and a Florida Drug Rehab will drastically change your life but there is no magic pill or magic wand to make all that has been done disappear. You cannot rush into your sobriety and so you cannot rush into your amends. If you put too much focus on making things right and proving everyone wrong and doing this for once you are going to stress yourself out. Take a step outside yourself and just try to calm down. Yes, your mind is racing and you’re going through a lot and your feeling pain and regret and you just want to make things better but it’s going to take time. Only time can heal what has been done and heal the pain you feel as well. While you’re at Florida Drug Detox focus on yourself only. It’s time for you to be selfish but for a good reason. Being at a Florida Drug Detox and worrying about other people is pointless. You cannot help them while you are detoxing and vice versa.

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