Why You May Want to Stay Away From Cullman County, AL

If you’re trying to stay clean after spending time going through heroin detox in Florida or you know someone who is fighting an addiction, Alabama’s Cullman County is about the last place you should probably head to. Just over the first weekend of July alone, they had a number of drug arrests.

They had three drug arrests in three separate incidences over the June 29 – July 1 weekend. To give an idea of what Sheriff’s deputies were up to, here’s the first arrest. Chasidy Nicole Kirkland, 38, was caught after getting into an argument at a storage unit late June 30. A Sheriff’s deputy saw this and tailed the Mustang she rode, noting she threw a bag out the window containing a large amount of meth. She was caught and arrested in Blount County. After arresting her, deputies seized about 27 grams of meth, $4,680 cash, and 123 ½ Hydrocodone pills.

You’re probably wondering to yourself why in the world should three arrests seem like a lot – we hear about them all the time here in Broward County. The difference is, however, that we’re nearing around 2-million people in our county. Cullman County, on the other hand, doesn’t even reach 85,000 people.


Three separate incidents lead to three drug arrests in Cullman County this past weekend.

Cullman County Sheriff’s Deputies noticed a suspicious vehicle at a storage unit on Hwy 231 Saturday night. While investigating, the deputy discovered a domestic incident occurring, and while gathering identification, 38-year-old Chasidy Nicole Kirkland of Arab fled the scene in a 2007 Ford Mustang. During a short chase, deputies witnessed Kirkland throw a bag out of the Mustang’s window. The bag was recovered and found to contain a large amount of meth. The chase ended in Blount County where Ms. Kirkland was arrested.

Ms. Kirkland was arrested for Trafficking Illegal Drugs, Possession with Intent to Distribute, Reckless Endangerment and Attempting to Elude. Ms. Kirkland’s arrest led to the seizure of approximately 27 grams of meth, $4,680 cash, and 123 ½ Hydrocodone pills. Click Here to Continue Reading

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