Why the CARF Accreditation Matters

The Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities, also known as CARF, is a rigorous accreditation process that focuses on rating the quality of healthcare services.  CARF was founded in 1966 in order to provide the public with a platform on which to judge healthcare services. CARF is a non-profit, international service that is judged by a mix of professionals and customers. The goal in establishing this accreditation was to have a standard by which the public can trust that a business demonstrates commitment to the betterment of their patients.

The CARF accreditation is a credential that assures any prospective clients that businesses are always working to enhance the quality of their services, while providing top quality care. This is an ongoing 9 to 12 month process involving a throughout self-evaluation, on-site survey, and many staff and client interviews. The self-evaluation and on-site survey also makes suggestions on how to improve businesses. Because of this long process, surveyors are able to get a well-rounded view of the business.

The CARF accreditation is a gold standard seal of approval that guarantees the programs offered by the CARF accredited businesses are continually enhancing the quality of services and care provided. FHE Health is CARF accredited because of our efforts to always expand our programs and deliver the best treatment possible. As one of the only CARF accredited treatment centers, we can confidently say that our programs are truly unique with the level of attention we provide each patient. After the expansion of our program to include a wellness center for holistic therapy purposes and a detox facility, we have created an all-inclusive approach to drug and alcohol treatment.

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