Why Resolutions? by Peter Marinelli

Why Resolutions? by Peter Marinelli

As we approach another New Year, anticipation surrounds many, along with promises, hope and resolutions.  All very worthy of their initial intent, but rarely followed or realized by those who make them.  How many last but a short time and the very thing we wanted is quickly forgotten and we are caught up in another year of life situations.

As I have often heard said many, “it’s back to the grind” or “back to reality.” Both statements offer very little hope or promise, yet allow the struggle to continue. Then again the hope of a new year to come and making more promises resolution and hoping for hope. Year after year and little changes, waiting for someone to do something for me to make me feel like it’s all worth it always looking to others for my little piece of salvation.

I have found that making no resolutions and no promises, but just living in the moment day to day awake to what is upon me, awake to the idea that I’m alive, and seeking Gods will gives me the freedom from life situations from the bondage we can easily slip into. After a resolution is made for the New Year how does that look in the middle of say August?

Instead of waiting for another new year to make me feel better, we can get to be better now.

It’s through the God experience that this will happen.

I’m clear that New Years Day is just another mark on the calendar and another day for gratitude. What’s worse is when a resolution or promise is made for the new year and when we fall short, it brings to us self-disappointment and doubt thereby making the so called struggle of life even heavier than it originally appeared, and that was bad to begin with.

My goal if you will is to have no resolutions but to seek God and be present. God is attainable and never unattainable as His presence is always here. Being present and awake is always attainable and is always here, we are just asleep to it by looking into tomorrow to find it when is here now.

It kind of like thinking you have lost your car keys and searching the entire house, the car, retracing your steps through you’re the day and never finding them. Stress, worry and anger are the result. If we looked inside our jacket pocket we would have found them as they were with us all along. But we never looked in always looked out.

So I celebrate a Happy New Now


Chop wood, carry water

Peter Marinelli

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