What’s in a Name?

In mythology, knowing someone’s real name will often give the hero power over that person. We see this reflected in stories like Rumpelstiltskin and even modern stories like Deadpool. In some cultures, people have their common name but they also have secret names which are said to be their true name–this they only give to people they trust who they believe won’t abuse that power. The idea is that if a person knows something’s true name, they can control you. The same holds true with addiction and illnesses. Once we know the real name of our affliction we have power over it.

Phantom Menaces

Think about the advice you’d give a best friend who told you they skipped breakfast this morning. Without context, this might not be a statement you’d give a single thought. What if we told you that this friend struggled with anorexia? Then you might be concerned that your friend had slipped in their recovery and you would be concerned and helpful. What if we told you that you that your friend had leukemia? We can imagine that your reaction would be anything but ignoring it. Context matters and knowing the name of what we struggle with informs us of how we can best fight it.

Getting that Diagnosis Gives You Power

As being sad is very different than having depression, many people are unaware they they are suffering from very serious problems. Often the real problem is buried in the symptoms. In Florida psychiatric services exist to help you discover the real name of the problems you face. Once you have a diagnosis, once you know that name, then you can then work with qualified professionals to tackle it. You can meet up with other people who have similar struggles and learn their best practices. You can adapt your lifestyle to deal with it in a healthy and productive way. You can make a change. But it takes that first step of learning the name of what you face to get started.

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