What’s going on here! – Prescription Medication By Peter Marinelli

What’s going on here! By Peter Marinelli

I can’t understand how some folks allow injustices to exist without question and when someone tries to reverse the process its meet with severe opposition. I guess one could say its fear and contempt prior to investigation.

Here in South Florida I’m amazed how out easily prescription medication is dispensed via prescriptions to patients with impure motives. Addicts can easily go from doctor to doctor and acquire prescriptions for all sorts of medications without any sort of checks and balances, not only the patients but more importantly the doctors who prescribe. How sad that as the “pill mills’ go on doing their business day after day and many pretend they don’t exist but when a treatment center and or detoxification center is about to open up to heal these sick and suffering addicts,  its met with wide spread anger and protesting.

Every once in a while the so called “pills mills’ are shut down and met with some sort of headlines news, and then quickly forgotten about and its back to business as usual. How does this happen and why?!

Is it necessary that these protestors need to have one of their own be afflicted with addiction to get on the side of a rehabilitation center. What does it take to erase their fears and assure them that a facility such as this will not attract prostitution, drugs dealers and the like?

It’s the “pill mills’ that attracts that sort of element. Further how about the pharmacies that fill out the prescriptions over and over and over without questions, go on unchecked?

How does this happen and why?!

Quite frankly I’m puzzled.  I’m puzzled by the “not in my neighborhood mentality” that exists for something as valuable to so many as a treatment center or detox center.

I understand the questioning of it all. To be sure that they are run by reputable people and these facilities are doing what they claim they will do is everyone’s right. However the anger voiced behind the “not in my neighborhood” purely out of ignorance is mind blowing and quite discouraging. How does this happen and why?!


Chop wood, carry water

Peter Marinelli

Director of Sober Residences

FHE Health

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