What to do After Addiction Relapse

addiction relapse

Relapse is when an addict who is sober reverts back to their life of addiction by picking up their drug of choice. Addiction relapse can be a very trying time for an addict as they decide where their life is going next. If you have relapsed, you have two options of life paths to choose from.

Choosing a Life of Addiction

Your first option after addiction relapse is always to continue on the path of addiction. Choosing this life may seem like the easiest option, but it is definitely not the safest. Most overdose deaths happen soon after relapse since tolerance for drugs is lower during this time. If a relapsed addict takes a dose that they would have been able to handle before sobriety, they could end up dead.

Relapsed people that choose to stay on the path of addiction usually do so because they think that it is the life that they deserve. It is imperative that you see that you are worth a life free from addiction to drugs and alcohol. You deserve to live and to live well!

Choosing a Life of Freedom from Addiction

The harder option is to decide on a life of sobriety. Although difficult, this option is much better and safer. After a relapse, you may feel angry, sad, and depressed. You may feel that you are a failure and don’t deserve a life of happiness. This could hinder your desire to seek a life free from drugs and alcohol.

Choosing a life of sobriety means that you have to once again admit to your mistakes, including your addiction relapse. You are the only person that can decide where your life goes. No one can force you to change your lifestyle. Choosing the option to continue with recovery will help you regain control of your life. More importantly, this option could save your life.

Don’t Be too Hard on Yourself

The first thing that you should do once that you have decided to work on your recovery post relapse is to forgive yourself. Remind yourself that you are only human and that everyone makes mistakes. You are used to a life fueled by addiction, so you reverted back to your old ways temporarily. Some people believe that relapse is just a part of recovery. Many addicts relapse multiple times before they realize what really works for them in their own recovery journey.

Commit to sobriety and work through recovery one day at a time. Concentrating too much on your relapse will only hinder your rehabilitation process. Your relapse does not define you. Make the decision to move forward, to a life without alcohol or drug dependency.

You’ve Done it Before, You can do it Again

If you have relapsed, it means that you were once sober. This means that you know what it takes to become free of alcohol or drugs. If you have done it before, you can do it again. Recovery is taken one day at a time, so decide that you will be sober today. Wake up and make the same decision tomorrow. If you make your sobriety the most important thing in your life, you will be successful.

Rehab or No Rehab?

Sobriety does not have to be achieved alone. It is important to surround yourself with people that know what you are struggling with, especially after addiction relapse. Attend group meetings so that you are aware of the support that surrounds you. Creating a network of people that are willing to help is important. That way, you have somewhere to turn when you struggle with your addiction.

If your relapse was severe and you believe that you will relapse again in a matter of time, you may need treatment. Florida House provides outpatient programs to help support those that have already completed a rehab program, or for those who cannot enroll in inpatient care. Outpatient programs are offered 7 days a week with sessions held during the day and night.

These programs are group therapy sessions to give you support that you may not find elsewhere. Group therapy sessions are important if you have relapsed because it gives you the ability to reach out to people that struggle with the same issues as you.

The Benefits of Your Addiction Relapse

It seems strange to define relapse as a good thing, but sometimes it can be. Instead of thinking of your relapse as a personal failure, you have the option to think of it as a learning experience. Your relapse can show you what you should and shouldn’t do. If you relapsed while hanging out with a certain group of people, it may be that those people are a bad influence on your life of sobriety. Use your relapse as a guide to set your boundaries. Stay away from influences that caused your relapse.

If you are seeking care or have questions after a relapse, FHE Health can help. Do not hesitate to call our hotline at 1 866 421-6242.

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