Here at The Florida House Experience, there are a number of treatment options available to help you achieve your goals of a healthy, sober lifestyle. There is something here for every need, and trained medical staff is on hand to ensure that you get the most out of your addiction treatments.

There is individual, couple or group counseling, which lets you experience the personal attention and support of counselors who are entirely focused on your concerns. Everything that you say is kept in a safe and confidential environment.

A transformation at The Florida House offers an intensive outpatient program that for substance abuse disorders, along with dual diagnosis. Dual diagnosis addresses the mood disorders as well as the substance abuse disorder. They educate clients and families on the process of recovery that is reflected in your spiritual, emotional and physical wellbeing. There are also intensive outpatient programs that offer a women’s group, a men’s group and a co-ed group.

Relapse prevention provides and incorporates new strategies for the client, to be able to effectively deal with the potential multitude of symptoms, addictions, and behaviors that have combined to wreak havoc on our client’s lives.

To find out about this and some of the many other programs we offer here at the Florida House Experience, check us out on the web or call us today at 866.421.6242. There is a qualified and caring counselor waiting to talk to you and get you started on the rest of your healthy, happy and sober life. Let us be the light at the end of your tunnel.

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