What Is The Florida Model of Addiction Treatment?

With The Florida Model You Get Treated at Rehab The Right Way

addiction treatmentThe Florida model of addiction treatment focuses on treating addiction on an individual and long-term basis. The Florida model treatment was founded in 1986 by Sid Goodman and is designed to make the addiction treatment experience less “institutional” and more “real world”. The Florida Treatment Model reflects psychotherapy and a 12-Step based treatment philosophy that takes place at two separate locations: a clinical campus and patient residences.

 The Florida Model Allows Supervised Residential Living

The Florida Treatment Model enables patients to receive intensive treatment care from qualified, experienced clinicians, while still holding them responsible for daily tasks of living. Treatment takes place in a state-of-the art clinical facility, and patients live in apartment-type housing located nearby.

Why is residential living during addiction treatment so important?

Part of the problem in addiction is that the drug has taken over every single part of a person’s life. What this means is that sometimes people don’t even know how to take care of themselves. People have either never learned or forget the basics of hygiene, home care and maintenance, how to cook, clean or wash their clothes. The Florida Model provides therapy and other programs for addicts and alcoholics during certain hours of the day, and then the clients head to an off-site residential housing facility in the evening.  This can be beneficial to those who require less supervision but still need to be treated during the day. Supervised residential living while in rehab will ensure the clients learn how to do these things for themselves so they can learn to be self-sufficient. Clients will also participate in counseling, group sessions, activities and other aspects of treatment for addiction to drugs or alcohol and any co-occurring disorders.

The Florida Model Works

The Florida Model of Addiction Treatment has become extremely popular as patients and their families have experienced positive results. As patients advance in treatment and recovery, they are encouraged to seek employment or consider enrolling or re-enrolling in an educational program. This allows them to remain in a supportive treatment environment while becoming more involved in day-to-day activities sober. The Florida Model of treatment gives addicts the training and support that quite frankly has been missing in their lives; either as a direct result of their addiction or because the circumstances of their upbringing.

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