You have probably heard people talk about Dual Diagnosis Program (DD) before, but do you actually know what it is? A lot of people don’t really know, it’s nothing to be ashamed of. Dual Diagnosis Program is what Medical Professionals declare an individual with dual diagnosis when a mental health disorder is identified as co-occurring with the individual’s substance abuse.

Substance abuse can include anything from drug abuse and addiction to alcohol abuse and alcoholism.  A mental health disorder would include things like a psychological disease, such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder and other mood disorders, eating disorders, and personality disorders. Both the chemical dependence and the physical dependence affect someone who is suffering from the dual diagnosis of co-occurring illnesses or disorders, which can be manifested in many combinations.

Here at Florida House Experience, we know that the most effective treatment for addiction with dual diagnosis battles both the diseases for which our patients have been diagnosed. We have licensed clinical and medical professionals with you every step of the way, and they understand that addressing both the psychiatric issue and the disease of addiction is crucial to your future sobriety. Your safety is above all our concern.  We have addiction specialists that are trained and qualified in diverse treatment for dual diagnosis program.

Having DD does not mean that you are any less likely than another person to successfully finish your rehabilitation. The implications are only that you must be willing to accept help and put forth dedication and commitment to your addiction recovery.

Florida House Experience provides comprehensive addiction services for DD, and we address all the aspects of your illness, from the chemical dependencies right down to the mental dependencies.  Medical and psychiatric teams will evaluate and monitor your diagnosis, which includes a psychological assessment, individualize therapy plans and many educational tools specifically for you!

Come check us out today at Florida House Experience or call us at 1.866.421.6242 and talk to a caring counselor who’s eager to help you get back on the road to sobriety and living a fulfilling life once again!

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