Drug rehabilitation centers in Florida are not all alike.  When thinking about what to expect in a Florida rehabilitation center, many people feel overwhelmed and filled with anxiety. Addicts may struggle with the fear and uncertainty about what to expect. They may ask themselves questions like will it work? Will it be too hard? Will it be uncomfortable? These questions and concerns are normal and the Florida House Experience is a place where a patient can be assured that they will be given every tool they need to follow through and recover in a safe environment.

Traditional drug rehabilitation centers in Florida may offer a 28-day program. This program, although it may work well for some patients, has been proven to be less and less effective for drug and alcohol addiction. The Florida House Experience is a place that will give you everything you expect from a traditional Florida drug rehabilitation center, but also much more. The Florida House Experience is a unique treatment facility geared toward long-term rehabilitation with a clinical approach centered on accountability.

Your journey to recovery may begin with a medically safe detox, where medical and clinical professionals will monitor you to ensure that your withdrawal symptoms are managed and that you are in a comfortable and safe environment.

After detox, a patient can expect to begin their work in rehabilitation where they will be working towards recovery with the aid of excellent clinical and medical professionals as well as their peers. Patients will be given the tools work on their addiction and any underlying issues that may be present. There are many phases in recovery including residential rehabilitation, partial hospitalization, sober living and intensive outpatient. During your stay at the Florida House Experience, you will be residing on campus throughout all phases of treatment to aid you in your recovery and ensure a fully supportive atmosphere throughout the process.
The Florida House Experience also has many specialized programs to aid you in your recovery including duel diagnosis, family outreach, a professionals program and alumni and after care programs. Please call 866-421-6242 for more details on these programs.

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