What Are the Benefits of Inpatient Drug Treatment?

If you’re considering inpatient drug treatment for yourself or someone you love, you may wonder if a stay in a residential facility can really be beneficial. While outpatient treatment can be effective, for many people, inpatient drug treatment is the best choice. Read on to learn more about the benefits of inpatient drug treatment facilities.

Inpatient Drug Treatment Provides Detox Benefits

When you’re addicted to drugs, you’re going to have withdrawal symptoms after you quit. It’s unavoidable, and in many cases, can come with the risk of medical complications that could even be life-threatening. When you choose inpatient drug treatment, you’ll get to detox from your drug of choice in a medically supervised setting. You’ll receive medication to ease the worst of your withdrawal symptoms and emergency care should you need it.

Inpatient Drug Treatment Keeps You Sober

You’re most vulnerable to relapse during the first weeks of your recovery, when your psychological and physical cravings are still strong and you haven’t yet developed the coping skills to deal with them in healthy ways. If you choose outpatient treatment or try to quit cold turkey, you can succumb to temptation and start doing drugs again at any time. When you check into an inpatient drug treatment facility, you’ll have round-the-clock supervision that guarantees you won’t relapse – at least, not while you’re in the facility. It’s a benefit of inpatient drug treatment that could make all the difference to your long-term recovery.

You’ll Get the Psychological Care You Need in Inpatient Drug Treatment

When you enroll in inpatient drug treatment, you’ll receive intensive psychotherapy for several hours each day. Comprehensive addiction counseling is necessary if you hope for long-term sobriety. If you’re suffering from another mental illness, like depression or anxiety – as many people in inpatient drug treatment are – then you’ll also have the opportunity to receive treatment for your mental illness. You’ll need to manage your mental illness symptoms in order to manage your substance abuse disorder.

You’ll Get the Physical Care You Need in Inpatient Drug Treatment

Drug addiction takes a heavy toll on the body. You’ll need fitness and nutrition therapy in treatment in order to help your body heal from the physical damage it’s sustained. In inpatient drug treatment, you’re guaranteed to receive nutritionally complete and balanced meals and nutritional supplements, as well as fitness therapy appropriate to your level of fitness.

Inpatient Drug Treatment Will Help You Regain a Daily Routine

Oftentimes, drug addicts lose any sense of structure from their lives. If you’ve lost your job or home due to drug use, this is especially true. But even if you haven’t, drugs have still become the priority in your life, and your ability to maintain a normal daily routine – get up in the morning and sleep at night, eat regular meals, go to a job, stay on top of your family responsibilities – has been compromised.

Your inpatient drug treatment program will ask you to adhere to a strict schedule. In inpatient drug treatment, you’ll have to get up early at the same time every day, eat meals with your fellow patients at the same time every day, and attend therapy sessions and activities on schedule. The strict schedule you’re asked to follow in inpatient drug treatment will help you get used to the demands of normal adult life. It’s part of the life skills training you’ll need to hold down a job and function normally.

You’ll Get to Focus on Yourself in Inpatient Drug Treatment

Perhaps the most important benefit of inpatient drug treatment is that it affords you the ability to focus on yourself at this crucial juncture. In inpatient drug treatment, you’ll be able to put all of your energy towards your own emotional and spiritual healing. There’ll be no worrying about bills, no fighting with your spouse, no work to stress over, no screaming kids. You won’t have to cope with the negative influence of old drugging friends who want you to return to the habits you’re hoping to leave behind. Inpatient drug treatment will give you the sanctuary you need in which to work on your own healing, so you can return home and give your boss and your family the best you have to offer.

If you or someone you love is struggling with drug addiction, inpatient drug treatment can help. Call FHE Health today at 844-299-0618.

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