We’ve Become Worse : Airline Travel Microcosm

Peter Marinelli Strikes Again

Mr. Marinelli is our Director of Sober Residence at FHE Health. Peter runs the men’s halfway housing program at our facility and oozes inspiration and wisdom relating to sobriety and the power of recovery. From time to time, Mr. Marinelli shares some of his insight on how he views the world around us. Enjoy!

The Airline Headache Continues

To follow up on a previous article and at the risk of being somewhat redundant I felt a need to share and perhaps rant for a moment of truth. The truth about airline travel. As the texting code goes OMG, WTF!!

So as I do on many weekends, I hit the road and I get to visit many airports and have become somewhat of a seasoned veteran on the road.

Recently I traveled with an airline I’d rather avoid but I couldn’t. I’ll call them DELAY airline which forces most of its flights through an airport that is notorious for delays and cancellation.

Well, you know what happened eight hours in the airport and air. To go from Ft. Lauderdale to Pensacola, it took about eight hours in the airport and in the air to come home.

What is just as annoying and perhaps more discoursing are how folks who are or at least appear to be adults behave in airplanes and airports.

I watch when the counter clerk calls for each zone to board. At this point, manners and social etiquette seem to vanish as a race to get on the plane ensues (only to have to wait on the gangway because some folks insist on bringing their entire living room furniture to stuff into the overhead and couldn’t care about others waiting in line).

By the way, can taking a shower before air travel be a requirement?

I watch the passive aggressive ones on line who smile and appear innocent and inch their way through to get in front of you while you’re on line. Then we have the bulldogs that just push their way to the front, and don’t forget the chat and cut guy! Do the airline folks notice any of this!

Here’s a new one I have been noticing more and more. Everyone is assigned a seat on the plane ticket. That’s your seat! However, what folks do now is sit anywhere in coach and when you arrive at your designated seat occupied by “Mr. and Ms. I can sit anywhere I want” they say to you, would you mind if I sat here can you take my seat. On this last trip there was about fifteen minutes wasted while folks had to get up because they chose a seat they felt like siting in, regardless of what the plane ticket had on it. Do any of the plane airline attendants see this!

And as usual we had the cell phone guy who made sure everyone in the entire airport heard his conversation.

I worry about us humans; how we are with each other and don’t seem to care for one another. We step all over each other. Yes, we are an angry society, and self-centered even. It’s pretty frightening and sad at times to watch this.

I do know the answer to this. People have been at each other since the beginning of time. This article is just a little microcosm of the sad behavior of humans at play and it doesn’t seem to be improving. If we expanded this type of behavior on a larger scale we see wars and human atrocities every day and it seems to be getting worse.

What happened to us!


Peter Marinelli

Chop wood, carry water

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