Ways in Which Addiction Affects Children of Addicts and Alcoholics

Addiction is a problem that not only affects the addict, but also the people close to the addict. Children of people addicted to drugs and alcohol are often affected in several ways as it will be shown below. First of all, addiction affects children of addicts and alcoholics psychologically. Most of the time, such children may portray behavioral and psychological issues such as depression, anxiety and even antisocial tendencies. This is why it is advisable for such children to seek help in the form of counseling. Lack of reliable help may lead to more severe issues such as mental breakdown, severe stress and depression, and in extreme cases, death.

Addiction affects children of addicts and alcoholics academically. Such children may tend to achieve low grades or decline academically because of lack of concentration. When a parent is an addict, a child may fail to concentrate in schoolwork and this will eventually result to failing academic grades.

Addiction affects children of addicts and alcoholics socially. Such children may have the fear of mingling with other kids of their age. This is because of the fear of being ridiculed by their peers and called names related to their addict parents. Hence, their social life is affected. This may be the reason why most children whose parents are addicts tend to isolate themselves and do not want to play or even make friends with other kids.

Addiction affects children of addicts and alcoholics in terms of health. Most parents who are addicted to drugs and alcohol tend to neglect their children. They may choose to spend all the money on drugs and alcohol while neglecting to take care of their kids and provide them with the basic needs. Such kids end up hungry and having poor health. In addition, addiction affects children of addicts and alcoholics in that, such children may end up engaging in criminal activities in order to get money for taking care of their basic needs. Additionally, some of them may resort to dropping out of school due to lack of money to pay for their school fees or buy school materials. It is also important to note that Addiction affects children of addicts and alcoholics spiritually to some extent. For instance, children who used to attend church may stop going to church due to lack of motivation from their parents. They may not see the need to trust in God or even attend church like other kids from normal families.

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