Wake Up and Smell the Better, Sober Living

It’s hard to get on a schedule. It takes a lot of discipline and consistency. But here’s an idea of a way to ease into a more structured way of living. Start with the bookends of a schedule. Instead of trying to upend your life and force yourself to adhere to an entire schedule shift at once, start with deciding exactly when you want to wake up in the morning and exactly when you want to go to sleep at night. Experts have often said that a consistent sleep schedule lends itself to better living through better sleep. When you’re back from being at a medical detox center in Florida, or back from other treatment programs in Florida, or anywhere else, you’ll find that this kind of step toward better living can do so very much to support your efforts toward living out your sobriety in your everyday life.


Set and Follow Specific Times to Wake Up and Fall Asleep

Speaking of sleeping. A habit that a lot of successful people mention is going to bed and waking up at the same time every day. Getting your Circadian Rhythm down will provide you better sleep when you are sleeping, which in turn leaves you well rested. When you’re more well rested your mood is lifted, your health is more robust, you think clearer and will perform better at practically every single activity that you attempt. It also becomes an excellent mental boundary for your day. “I wake up at 6am and I go to bed by 11pm everyday.” Having those kinds of mental boundaries will help you feel more in control and will also help each day feel more manageable.


Practical Application of a Consistent Sleep Schedule

This one is easy. Just decide your bedtime and your wake up time. Set some alarms and be consistent. Consistency is the hard part, right? I get it. I do. The important thing, as always, is when you mess up and sleep too late, or if you have to stay awake later for some reason, that you get back on schedule the next time. Don’t let yourself get psyched out. Stuff happens. There’s always an exception to every rule. Don’t worry or beat yourself up, just get back on schedule as soon as possible. Big tip though, adults need 6 hours of sleep at the absolute least. Every hour after that is only going to help, up to 10 hours. After that you may start feeling groggy. You know your own body. Different people feel better at a different amount of sleep. I feel great with seven hours, you might need nine. Even if you have insomnia, and almost never get more than three, schedule enough time for you to lay down, fall asleep and get your optimal hours in. If you don’t know what that is play around with your sleep schedule until you know what feels best to you.


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