Vitamins and Nutrition: Anxiety Management After Medical Detox and Drug Rehab  Pt 3

In this blog series we present you with different ways to cope with anxiety after alcohol detox and addiction recovery treatment.

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Anxiety relief is almost impossible if you don’t hold to this strategy. Always remember to eat balanced meals. The thing is, even if you are eating regularly if you aren’t getting your full nutrition, your body may react with delivering you a whole long more anxiety. Of course you never plan to have a panic attack. But if you sit down sometime when you’re feeling calm and figure out what might work best for helping you relieve some of that anxiety, or even just calm down then you’ll have so much more luck at managing a tough situation. And don’t forget to keep track of what strategies work for you. Keep ideas in your back pocket for when you need a good and effective stress reliever that will help you manage triggers and cravings and will keep you on the path to a life lived in sobriety.

Knowing yourself is the key to successful sober living. Top of the list for resources is Therapy, one of the most vital things you can do after your treatment to better understand the points of stress that trigger you. But it’s also really important to understand your triggers and learn the  coping tools you need and starting to understand the ways you can effectively relieve stress and anxiety without picking up a glass or a needle. Maybe it seems weird, but knowing yourself and helping others know you can help break down those anxiety ridden moments.


Taking Care of Nutrition and (Maybe) Taking Vitamins

Remember to watch what you are eating. I don’t mean you should count calories. That’s not what this is about. No body shaming here. I mean, make sure you are eating your veggies, your healthy protein (beans and rice anyone?!), and your whole grains. Make your plate up like you care about yourself.

I know you’re thinking, how does feeding myself like I would feed a child help me? I’ll tell you. Your levels of stress go up when your body doesn’t feel like it’s taken care of properly. Even if your brain doesn’t feel it yet, if you are deficient in an important vitamin or mineral it will start with your body and move through to your state of mind eventually. Keep

You just went through a medically supervised alcohol detox recovery treatment or spent your all of your energy stores working your heart out in a long term drug rehab center? If you have then you deserve to pat yourself on the back. You can keep that progress going by really caring for yourself now that you’re further on your path toward recovery.


If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction in the Florida area, it’s time to seek out help for drug abuse and alcohol addiction. Through our replacement therapy or whatever the is the best drug rehab for you, you can work through your trauma and addiction and you can come out the other side ready to do the hard work of a successful and sober life.

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