University Reaffirms Strict Policy For Drug Users At Their Medical Center

About a year ago, the University of Tennessee Medical Center (UTMC) in Knoxville placed new conduct rules for patients who were being seen for infections related to drug use. In order to receive care, they had to agree to a search, turn over all personal property (including cell phones) and clothes, not leave hospital grounds, and not have any visitors.

The rules were approved by the University board of governors and UTMC, and that they were in place to keep patients and staff safe, as well as improve morale when dealing with drug-using patients. So far UTMC is the only medical center that has used such strict rules, but university officials say their rules are working and are necessary for effective care for these young drug-addicted patients.

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Almost a year ago, the University of Tennessee Medical Center in Knoxville started requiring addicted patients admitted for medical treatment of drug-use associated infections to submit to tough new conduct rules.


They must agree to a search by security, turn over their clothing and all personal property, hand over their cellphone, not leave the hospital floor, and receive no visitors. If they won’t sign an agreement to follow those rules, they must leave.


UTMC leaders say the policy, approved by the board of governors and implemented last August, was necessary to keep patients and hospital staff safe, and support nurses and other staff who were feeling burned out in dealing with these often-challenging patients. They say the approach has improved staff attitudes toward these patients and led to better care. Click Here to Continue Reading


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