Unexpected Tips for Helping an Addict

Finding a Path for Helping an Addict

Sometimes the only way you can find for helping an addict is to stop giving the addict assistance. The first step to recovery is to admit that there is a problem. Many people have to hit the very bottom before they can take that step and begin to climb out of the hole. FHE Health understands that family members sometimes have to step back in order to be in a position to help up.

Unexpected Tips for Helping an Addict

1. Learn to say no – there have to be line drawn for the addict to understand that the problem really does exist.

2. Set repercussions – every action has a reaction. That means that you have to not only say no but have price for crossing the lines that you have put into place.

3. Follow through – do what you say you will do with consistency and persistence.

It can be painful turning away from the ones that you love, but sometimes choosing to no longer enable an addiction is the only path to helping an addict.

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