Types of Drug Addiction Counseling

In this article, we are going to focus on the different types of drug addiction counseling. Drug addiction counseling is performed by a trained individual who understands the dynamics of drug abuse and attempts to help the individual with dependency to find healthy alternatives to dealing with their problems.Inpatient Counseling

This is a type of drug addiction counseling that is based in a facility where the counseling takes place under directorship. The decisions pertaining to the individual are made within a team forum that also discusses the outcome of the treatment and takes action upon it on an ongoing basis. Inpatient drug addition counseling is characterized by individual and group sessions, medications and usually this continues for a month.

Halfway Houses

With halfway houses, the patient is offered an option to the drug addiction counseling whereby they are assisted in learning new ways of healthy living without the patient being fully dependent on their own in society. Counselors here offer patients assistance in dealing with drug dependency through structured ways of dealing with these issues. The drug addiction counseling is done on a daily basis. Upon leaving, the patient should have the means of self-sustenance such as an apartment, etc.

Detoxification Counseling

Detoxification counseling is a type of drug addiction counseling offered within a detox facility, but is usually short term. In these facilities, the patient is given comprehensive instruction on how to deal with the disease processes of drug dependency. Emotional assistance is mainly derived from the drug addiction counseling within the facility.

 Outpatient Counseling

Outpatient drug addiction counseling is a direct alternative for inpatients and gives the patient some leeway to live around family and community, but is counseled on a weekly basis and is given counseling about how to achieve health goals, long term or short term.

Private Counseling

Drug addiction counseling can be in the form of a one on one basis or with family. Family counseling focuses on drug abuse and is well suited for teenagers. In such a case, social services and schools are involved in this regard to help the child achieve healthier ways of living.

These, amongst others, are some of the most effective types of drug addiction counseling that an individual can benefit from. The choice of counseling will depend highly on the level of addiction that the individual is experiencing.

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