Two Florida Flakka Users Have Brush With Cops, One Swears Off Drugs After Bad Reaction

Drugs are certainly bad for people and quitting drugs, and going to rehab is generally the right move, but it’s not every day the users come to that realization themselves while they’re high. Melbourne police restrained two men in separate instances while they were under the influence of Flakka, a street drug with shockingly negative effects. The first man was found hiding behind trees and running through traffic on the morning of June 29, before being cornered by police and taken to a hospital to come down.  The second incident occurred later that afternoon, where a man in the Melbourne Regional Medical Center began acting erratically and violently in the waiting room, even yelling that he’d never do drugs again, after taking heroin laced with Flakka. Hopefully he keeps his promise, for everyone’s sake.


MELBOURNE, Fla. – Melbourne police have issued an alert after two men were found acting erratically in separate cases that involved the drug Flakka.

The first incident occurred around 9:50 a.m. near Aurora and Wickham roads.

According to Melbourne police, callers reported seeing a man hiding behind trees and then running back and forth through traffic.

“He’s tripping on drugs or something,” a nearby business owner told 911. “Now he’s lying down under the tree under the bushes on some mulch.”

Officers approached the man, who was combative and resisted attempts to restrain him, police said.

The officers eventually placed the man into protective custody, and he was taken to a hospital, police said.

The second incident occurred around 12:50 p.m. at the Melbourne Regional Medical Center at 250 N. Wickham Road.Police said the man was acting erratically in the emergency room and was disruptive with hospital staff. Click Here to Continue Reading

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