Two Arrested After Infant’s Heroin Overdose in Florida

heroin overdose

Two Arrested after Florida Infant Overdoses on Heroin

This summer in West Palm Beach, Florida, a baby—just shy of her first birthday—overdosed on heroin. This was less than a week after her mother, Charlie Hagan (38) had nearly died from an overdose and just four days after a relative had requested and been denied temporary custody of the baby.

According to Hagan and 49-year-old Joseph Critelli, who are listed as the baby’s parents in civil records but have the relationship redacted in criminal records, the baby was fussier than usual on the evening of July 2. She was showing signs of emotional and physical distress, crying with a raspy voice and lethargic, with pupils smaller than usual. After calling 911, the Palm Beach County Fire Rescue rushed to the suburban home and brought the baby to St. Mary’s Medical center, where she was revived with two doses of Narcan.

Hagan and Critelli were arrested last week on child neglect charges, and released Thursday on surety bonds. Critelli, who does not seem to have a criminal record other than traffic infractions, takes narcotics for unspecified health issues. The baby had been living with Hagan, who is addicted to drugs, and has spent more than two years in state custody on burglary and drug-related charges.

“The parents are not fit at this time to care for the child,” wrote the unspecified relative, when she asked to be granted temporary custody of the child “for the foreseeable future until parents have treatment and can provide a stable environment and home for the child.”

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