Treatment centers in Florida can offer a wide range of different treatment methods and programs. From outpatient to inpatient, 28-day programs to long-term care, there are hundreds of treatment centers in Florida to choose from. With so many treatment centers in Southern Florida alone, Florida has become known as the recovery capital of the world, helping thousands of individuals every year turn their life around and live the happy, healthy life they deserve.

For many people, the thought of leaving home and going to Florida is overwhelming. Although going away to Florida can seem intimidating at first, it has a world of benefits. Treatment centers in Florida offer patients a break from everyday life at home. Getting away from normal routines, old environments and the stressors of daily life at home gives clients a great opportunity to focus entirely on their sobriety. Going to a Florida treatment centers gives clients this opportunity while they stay in a safe and supportive environment. The stunning landscape and warm temperatures make it a beautiful and tranquil place to focus on recovery.

There are many different types of programs at treatment centers in Florida. Some treatment centers in Florida offer outpatient treatment only, while others offer inpatient treatment or both. Treatment programs at treatment centers in Florida can include medical detox, inpatient treatment, outpatient treatment, partial hospitalization, sober living and aftercare. They can also include different specialized programs such as dual diagnosis, gender specific treatment, professionals programs, holistic programs, 12-step meetings, and much more.

The length of stay at treatment centers in Florida varies. Some treatment centers offer 28-day programs only, while others offer longer-term programs of 60-90 days or more. Although 28-day programs were the norm in the past, studies have shown that longer, more comprehensive treatment programs are more effective.  Because clients progress at their own pace, longer programs for those who need them are extremely important. A treatment center in Florida that offers a continuum of care, spanning all phases of treatment from detox to sober living and aftercare is the most comprehensive.

At the Florida House Experience, we offer long-term, comprehensive treatment. Our program includes every phase of care from detox to sober living and aftercare. Our alumni network is growing everyday and is a testament to the great work we do. Every client who comes to our treatment center in Florida becomes part of the “Florida House Family”, a supportive community of members past and present. Our wonderful, caring staff ensures all clients are safe and comfortable while they begin their journey to recovery at our treatment center in Florida.

If you or a loved on is considering going to a treatment center in Florida, please call us now at 855-441-2449. Our admissions staff is available 24 hours a day to speak to you regarding our wonderful program and how it can help or your loved one beat the battle of addiction and live a healthy, sober life. Please call us now or email us for more information on attending our treatment center in Florida.

Florida House provides state of the art addiction treatment centers in Florida.

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