Finding Affordable Treatment in West Palm Beach

Getting the recovery you need often starts with finding affordable treatment in West Palm Beach. Money seems to drive most decisions during these tough economic times. The staff at The Florida House understands the financial difficulties that many addicts face when trying to start down the path to recovery. It is also important that you understand that without recover the cost of addiction can be more than finances can handle.

Tips for Affordable Treatment in West Palm Beach

1. Contact the Florida House to verify your Insurance options – many policies have a line item for rehabilitation.
2. Check with your employer – some companies have programs to help you find the help you need.
3. Talk to your church or denomination – there may be money to help people struggling with addiction.
4. Meet with your support group leaders – grant money might be available to help balance the costs of treatment.
5. Realize the cost of not getting treatment – the expense involved with recovery pales when compared to the cost of addiction.

The key to finding affordable treatment in West Palm Beach is to understand the cost of the alternative to recovery.

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