Three Years Clean – Woman’s Photos Go Viral

Reddit Woman

Reddit photos show remarkable recovery from addiction

Posting as Kerichan7, a young woman celebrated 3 years of freedom from her heroin addiction this week and shared powerful photos that documented her road to recovery.

Her story – like so many others – began with prescription pain killers. “First picture was when I was using, second picture was the day after I was admitted to the hospital, third was when I was ~3 mos clean (still in a nursing center) & last pictures are pictures of me and my fiance a month or so ago.”

“For a long few years I spent addicted to opiates, presciption and otherwise that at the time seemed hopeless and it felt impossible to be able to start a new life. “

Her post on Reddit has generated 100s of positive responses, including one practicing physician who was heartened by this powerful story of recovery.

” Hospital physician here. Treatment of heroin addiction and its complications is very disheartening. We’ll treat someone for nasty soft tissue infections, endocarditis, osteomyelitis (bone infection), brain abscesses and so on-but the relapse rate is so high. We see the same patients over and over again, and they are often quite young. I’m used to seeing persons in their 80s die, but not persons in their 20s.

So it really lifts my spirits to hear that you have achieved sustained sobriety, that you have beaten back this hideous illness. The world needs your beautiful smile. May it warm many a heart and may you live a long, healthy life.

Seriously-I am so happy for you it brings tears to my eyes. Sometimes it seems hopeless, trying to help heroin addicts. I will remember your struggle and success.”

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To learn more about this story of recovery, please visit Reddit.

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