Thousands of Americans will be Eligible for Addiction Treatment in January

Under Barrack Obamas Affordable Health Care Act, passed in 2009, nearly 100,000 people will become eligible for drug addiction treatment covered by their insurance, starting in 2014. If Legislature approves the expansion of Medicaid eligibility that number is likely to nearly double.

Many states officials were uneasy about accommodating all of the newly insured addicts in need of treatment, but after analyzing the industry, Florida, along with California and other key states, have an abundance of treatment programs ready to be used. Here at the Florida House, we are growing every year. Starting off as just a Men’s halfway house program, we have know grown into a inpatient and outpatient treatment facility, detox center, wellness workout center, a Men’s and Women’s sober living program, and thriving alumni community. We believe many other addiction treatment centers will follow in our footsteps as the demand for treatment increases.

The rise in eligibility will greatly help our chances of reducing drug addiction nationwide and raising awareness about drug addiction. With the Affordable Health Care Act, addiction treatment will be able to reach anyone who needs it.  Right now only 10 million of the 23 million Americans struggling with drug addiction actually received drug addiction treatment. Here at the Florida House we hope in 2014, that these numbers will dramatically change. A first world country should not have it citizens, who want help, dying in the streets because they are unable to afford insurance.

Whether we disagree of agree with the current state of politics, I think we can all agree that giving people struggling with addiction the choice to attend freedom regardless of financial standing is the moral and American thing to do.

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