Things to Never Say to an Addict pt 2.

You’d be surprised at how harsh people’s words toward addicts can be. Here are some common thoughts people have about addiction and even communicate to the people they love.


“Just exercise and you won’t feel so depressed”

Exercise is a wonderful tool for fighting depression and anxiety. The dopamine released in your brain from heavy exercise can echo the effects of drugs or alcohol. This is a wonderful way to deal with malaise or mild depression. It is even a great way to work on making your life a well rounded healthy life. But exercise cannot cure addiction.


“What do you have to be so depressed about? Stop being so negative all the time.”

Telling an addict to stop being so negative is far from helpful. Almost every addict you’ll ever meet is wrestling with thoughts and feelings that are so much more complicated than a feeling or mantra you fake until you make through. It is obviously true that if you can have a positive outlook in life, your life can feel lighter. Maybe those decisions feel easier or maybe you just find it easier to make it by as an optimist. But do not assume your loved one is suffering from addiction due to a negative outlook. It’s so much more complicated than that.


“Your life is fine. You’re just feeling sorry for yourself!”

First of all, this is never a great way to approach someone who is depressed. Walking someone deeper into the whole of depression by convincing them that they are just feeling sorry for themselves can do a lot of harm. Addicts often suffer with shame. Indeed, that is often the emotion that they were dealing with when they first started looking to self medicate. Telling someone that they’re just feeling sorry for


“You just need some perspective so you won’t feel so sorry for yourself”

As soon as you go through a medically supervised alcohol detox and drug rehab program, you won’t have to worry about working so hard toward sobriety.

“Why are you hurting me like this?”

Though their drug abuse and alcohol addiction may be hurting you, it is most likely that the addict in your life has no intention whatsoever of hurting you. People experiment with drugs and alcohol for many reasons but it is very unlikely that they started using to do anything but make themselves feel better for even a temporary amount of time.

**If you know someone who suffers with drug or alcohol addiction please support them. We have a variety of blog articles in how you can support them through this difficult time. Still, the easiest steps to take are these: bring compassion to the table when you talk with them. If they approach you asking for help, sit down with them and help them find a drug and alcohol rehab program that works best for them.


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