With so many choices out there for addiction treatment centers, how do you know which one is the best addiction treatment center for you? If you know what’s out there, it really isn’t a difficult choice at all.  We wanted to take a few minutes  to tell you the top five reasons that The Florida House Experience can provide the best addiction treatment in Florida.


  1. We offer medical detoxification, which is a pivotal step on the road to addiction recovery.  The safest way and the most effective way to break this devastating cycle of addiction to drugs and alcohol is through a professionally and medically assisted detoxification program.
  2. Dual Diagnosis: We recognize that  in order to treat the disease of addiction, you need to treat the whole picture, body and mind. Your success rate depends on your ability to learn the skills to deal with life’s issues without turning to drugs and alcohol.  You didn’t just turn to drugs or alcohol addiction right away, something led you to it. We’re waiting to help you find out what it was today !
  3. Residential Rehabilitation: Offers comprehensive addiction treatment and long term rehabilitation services to men and women. Generally this is phase one of our addiction treatment following medical detox and is an important component in drug and alcohol treatment.
  4. Partial Hospitalization (PHP): Phase two of the Florida House Experience is to provide the client with intensive daytime treatment and on-going therapeutic intervention, which is supported by medical staff, with a sober living communal to return to in the evening
  5. Sober Living Community: our community program is the last phase in the transition to sobriety. This stage allows you to reintegrate into society as a fulfilled, productive and sober person with a healthy lifestyle in your community and cope with day-to-day challenges




Give The Florida House Experience a call today and talk to  a caring counselor , someone is standing by now, just waiting to be a helping hand on your road to sobriety.






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