The right support for your addiction recovery may not be the same as the next person. Recovery is a personal journey and you should avoid the desire to push it into a box. Part of the journey to overcoming addiction lies in the path of discovering the support that will work for you.
Finding Addiction Recovery Support
1. Use the internet – you will discover a wide variety of meetings, groups and individual counseling opportunities by searching for recovery support in your area.
2. Visit the groups – visit different types of groups and those that are held at different times of the day to find the format that works best for your personality, needs and schedule.
3. Be flexible – what works for you today may not be the thing you need tomorrow. Keep looking and attending because where you get the support is not as important as getting the support.
Recovery will be a process that takes time. Find the right support for addiction recovery by refusing to settle until you find what works for you.

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