The desire to recover may not be enough to make it a reality and some people will benefit from choosing the path of detox and rehab. The staff at the Florida House can help you begin the process of recovery by taking you safely through the detox process and then continuing the healing through a monitored and scheduled rehab program.

Understanding Detox and Rehab

The body develops a chemical dependence on substances that are abused. The moment the substance is removed, the body begins to react – sometimes violently. These symptoms of withdrawal can be scary and even dangerous. The right detox program will help manage the symptoms and make overcoming the addiction a little more comfortable.

Detox is the first step to a long journey. Rehab provides the tools and the tips that can allow the addict to deal with life issues that drove the need for using in the first place. The right rehab program will build a solid foundation for recovery.

Overcoming addiction can be tough under the best of circumstances. Getting help through detox and rehab will prove the best start for that recovery process.

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