The Myth of the Tortured Artist

Sit back and close your eyes. Think about an artist or musician, some creative type. What do you see? Perhaps you see someone in a pristine white room, but for most people that’s not what they envision. Those imagining musicians often end up picturing a Kurt Cobain type stumbling about from heroin abuse or making his way onto a smoky stage. Maybe you’re imagining a Vincent van Gogh type downing another glass of absinthe. Either way, you’re probably imagining a tortured artist, someone who felt deep pain and communicated it so very well. There are countless examples to choose from.

But here’s a secret:


Artists Don’t Need to be Depressed to be Good

One of the biggest fears creatives have about going on antidepressants or into drug or alcohol recovery is a fear that it is going to fundamentally change their personality. Cobain was his music. Van Gogh was his paintings. Art is life for many of the greatest artists and they think that if they go through recovery they will lose their muse or their connection to their fans.

That’s not how it works.

Sure many artists have done a fantastic job communicating their pain and depression, but the world is full of so many more experiences than that. When an artist recovers, the muse doesn’t disappear. Who they are doesn’t change. What happens is that the artist has better control of their facilities. They have better more access to their muse, not less! After recovery, an artist has a broader palette, can explore more feelings and more dimensions.


The Fan Excuse

And to those who worry that they’ll lose connection to their fans, who think they’ll no longer be popular if they’re clean…. It’s true that many people discover and become fans of artists who are going through struggles similar to their own. So why not use your influence to help your fans experience a similar recovery? The music or art from when you were depressed will always be a part of you and it is out there for others to connect with.

Just don’t let yourself be like Cobain, Van Gogh, or far too many other creative people who died well before their time. Call (844) 299-0618 to get the help you need to continue producing great art into your old age. Start detox in Florida today. We’ll help you with any withdrawal symptoms from heroin to alcohol and anything in between. Don’t deny your fans the music or art you could make when you’re at your best.


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