During medical detoxification (detox), and on into therapy, you want to have supports in place and good influences around you to make the transition to sobriety easier. Sober living in Florida is natural, and it works!

We understand the importance of finding a community that’s supportive of sober living, and here at Florida House Experience, we take pride in our community.  We believe in working together to create a safe and understanding environment, where skills learned in therapy sessions and groups can be applied to everyday situations. We work hard to become a close knit “sober living family”.

Soon, however, it will be time to move on into the world and continue your journey on your own. It’s still important to have sober living supports in place after you leave Florida House, and the most crucial element in sober supports is the community you live in. These are people that are going to be around you every day-to-day basis, so it only makes sense to surround yourself with people who support your sobriety.

Sobriety is a life changing goal that is easiest to maintain when you have the propor supports in place. Finding a community that supports sober living may seem like a challenge to you, but its easier than you think.  A lot of people would be happy to live next door to someone who values sobriety,  even if they don’t know that you’ve been through treatment or therapy

If you feel like you would like more information on finding a community that supports sober living, or other treatment options, call 866.421.6264 or check us out on the web at The Florida House Experience. There is a caring, compassionate counselor waiting to talk to you today and help give you the support you need to make a sober lifestyle a reality.


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