The Importance of CARF Accreditation of Rehab Centers

What is CARF Accreditation?

carfThe rehab industry provides a vital service to people who are battling addiction. With the responsibility of providing health care services to the public comes high expectations of treatment, safety, service and results. CARF is an independent, nonprofit accreditor of health and human services. Through CARF accreditation, CARF assists service providers in improving the quality of their services, demonstrating value, and meeting internationally recognized organizational and program standards. The CARF accreditation process applies sets of standards to service areas and business practices during an on-site survey. Accreditation, however, is an ongoing process, signaling to the public that a service provider is committed to continuously improving services, encouraging feedback, and serving the community. Accreditation also demonstrates a provider’s commitment to enhance its performance, manage its risk, and distinguish its service delivery.

CARF Accreditation Benefits Include:

• Assurance to persons seeking services that a provider has demonstrated conformance to internationally accepted standards.

• Improved communication with persons served.

• Person-focused standards that emphasize an integrated and individualized approach to services and outcomes.

• Accountability to funding sources, referral agencies, and the community.

• Management techniques that are efficient, cost-effective, and based on outcomes and consumer satisfaction.

• Evidence to federal, state, provincial, and local governments of commitment to quality of programs and services that receive government funding.

• Guidance for responsible management and professional growth of personnel.

• A tool for marketing programs and services to consumers, referral sources, and third-party funders.

• Support from CARF through consultation, publications, conferences, training opportunities, and newsletters.

Why is CARF accreditation so important in rehab?

The idea of addiction and addiction treatment is still seen as “private” or taboo. Sometimes, the media paints a not so accurate picture of addiction and rehab. There’s a lot of perception re-training and stereotype breaking that happens when people call us or come in for a tour. People want know that they or their loved ones will receive the best medical care for their addiction not just some “so called” methodology of treatment that doesn’t get results. When a rehab facility has a CARF accreditation is sets them above the rest in that they have been interviewed, reviewed and assessed by a third, non-profit party that has a rigid procedure and high standards for certification. You can’t score good on some things, and not so good on others when it comes to CARF accreditation. You are either up to the CARF standard or you are not; and to say that you are means a lot. To agree to go to a rehab center and go through treatment is not any easy thing to do. Do your research and make going to a CARF accredited facility one of your requirements. You’ll be glad you did.

Read more about how CARF accreditation is achieved here:

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