The importance of a Florida treatment center offering dual diagnosis programs cannot be underestimated. Understanding what dual diagnosis is can help you to understand the importance of choosing a Florida treatment center offering dual diagnosis programs. The purpose of a dual diagnosis program is to identify any associated mental illnesses linked with an individual’s substance abuse in order for the individual to receive comprehensive addiction treatment. In a dual diagnosis program an individual will receive treatment for both the emotional and psychological illness, as well as chemical and physical dependency.

Many times when a person is suffering from alcohol or drug addiction, there are co-occurring disorders that need to be treated as well as the addiction itself to increase the individual’s chances for a full recovery. If there is a co-occurring disorder that is not addressed during alcohol or drug rehabilitation, the likelihood of relapse can be increased. Many individuals with co-occurring disorders will use alcohol and drugs to self-medicate and therefore have a much harder time with their recovery. Dual diagnosis and treatment can help prevent relapse and help the individual during and after their stay at a Florida treatment center.
Co-occurring disorders include anxiety, depression, eating disorders, bipolar disorder, schizophrenic behavior, personality disorders and more. Often times when a person has a co-occurring disorder, they will exhibit symptoms such as aggression, anger, isolation, lying, stealing, mood swings, poor hygiene and others. These symptoms, although associated with addiction alone, can also be indicative of a co-occurring disorder.

It is important to chose a treatment center offering dual diagnosis programs so that the individual can be treated by a medical professional who will deal with the co-occurring disorder, which may make treating their addiction more complicated. At the Florida House Experience, our licensed clinical and medical professionals are trained and fully qualified to treat addiction and any co-occurring disorder that an individual may be experiencing. The individual will be evaluated and receive individualized therapy to address these underlying issues. Dual diagnosis recovery plans are personalized to the individual’s needs.

Choosing a Florida treatment center offering dual diagnosis programs can make the difference for many individuals in recovery who are struggling with mental illness. Dual diagnosis programs are becoming more widely recognized in the recovery field as the most effective option for recovery. Choosing a Florida treatment center offering dual diagnosis programs can increase in individuals chance for a recovery and help them understand and deal with the underlying issues that are directly linked to their drug and/or alcohol abuse. The Florida House Experience is committed to treating all aspects of addiction and co-occurring disorders. Please call us now 866-421-6242 or email us for more information in this important aspect of recovery.

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