We trust that restoration is a long and complex journey. Our philosophy is to present a complete continuum of custom-made excellence carefulness spanning all phases of drug treatment from treatment to sober living. Our campus is staffed by the best clinicians in the field with a eminent staff to patient ratio on our concealed facility. The Florida House campus is located 1 mile from the beautiful seashores of bright Florida. Our patients stay in a luxurious exclusive center on the same campus they will attend healing. Men and women are housed separately, each with their own section of facility and corresponding pool. The Florida House takes pride in offering drug rehab and the best possible attention to detail to our patients on a beautiful, safe facility.

The state of Florida is the recovery capital of the world. There are thousands of drug rehabs in Florida to chose from, however they are not all alike. Here at the Florida House we offer drug rehab, as well as many other crucial opportunities to help you or your loved one recover from drug or alcohol dependence.

The Florida House gives drug rehabilitation that is an alternative to the traditional 28-day rehabilitation model used in many therapy services in Florida. Here at the Florida House we offer drug rehab that provides our clients with extended rehabilitation spanning numerous phases of attention including medically monitored detoxification, residential rehab, partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient and drug free living. The Florida House provides a drug rehabilitation that is absolute and effective.

The Florida House is a qualified, CARF (Commission Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities) credited facility with a proven accomplishment speed. The therapeutic pros and practiced staff at the Florida House offer drug treatment that is dissimilar any other center in Southern Florida. The Florida House provides drug rehabilitation with specialized packages for our clients and their families. The Florida House is a gender detailed drug treatment, fitting treatments to the definite needs of each gender and providing dispersed rehabilitation . We also make available a dedicated Professionals curriculum calculated to treat the specific needs that accompany habit for physicians, nurses, airline pilots, lawyers and more. We also bestow special services including dual diagnosis, a family outreach agenda and a strong alumni and aftercare agenda. We offer our patients holistic approaches to drug treatment including chiropractic precision, acupuncture, massage and yoga and meditation. Nutritional therapy and physical therapy are also fundamental parts of the drug treatment syllabus accessible by the Florida House.

The staff at the Florida House is committed to your achievement. If you or a loved one is thinking about presence a drug treatment, please call us right away at 866-421-6242. Our entry staff is available 365 days a year to speak to you about attending a drug rehabilitation and reply any queries you may boast. Please call us or stay at our website today for more information on attending drug rehabilitation at the Florida House.

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