There are a lot of treatment options out there for affordable addiction treatment and recovery, but not all of them are affordable. Some can get to be very expensive. At the Florida House Experience, we’ve found a way to provide you with the best care possible for a low, affordable price. We don’t believe in making you pay more than necessary for something that you need. Everyone has the same right to live a clean and healthy lifestyle.

We pride ourselves on providing quality care that everyone can count on in their time of need.  Our caring counselors are here to take the stress out of rehabilitation.  Our low monthly payment plans ensure that its affordable for almost every budget because you are our main concern. We want  you to be able to be healthy mentally and physically, as is  your right as a person, it only makes sense that we would do everything we could to ensure we were able to do that for you. We care about you and your sobriety.  Everyone needs a helping hand, and our trained medical staff is here to show you how to walk that road once more.  We’re more than just a treatment and rehabilitation center, we’re a family. That’s why we offer affordable addiction treatment at the Florida House Experience. We want everyone to have access to affordable addiction treatment that needs it.

Come check us out today at The Florida House Experience or call 561.575.2020 today and talk to a caring counselor. There is one standing by, just waiting to show you there is light at the end of the tunnel, and sobriety is within your grasp. We’re eager to hear from you today.

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